Friday, March 23, 2012

How many threads can *your* CPU handle?

How many CPU hungry threads running at NORMAL priority in a NORMAL priority class process does it take to bring your PC to a near stall? Try it out ...

Download 32-bit CPU Eater (for Windows)
Download 64-bit CPU Eater (for Windows x64 / AMD64)

Now, install Process Lasso. Come on, our software has NO bundles, doesn't make a bunch of system modifications, doesn't try to take over your PC.. you've got nothing to lose. Now, try the test again ... ;).

Simply running this utility (without pressing 'Start') also gives you a nice Responsiveness indicator on the PC.

In our tests at Bitsum we have unpublished charts that show the effects of CPU monopolization at Normal priority for different CPUs, and it does matter which CPU type you have -- which is a big hint to the cause, which I *try* (needs a rewrite) to explain here: . You can recreate this same test with a simple while(1); loop in any language. Just remember it only takes a regular, default, normal priority. No need to elevate to High, and if you do, Process Lasso will ignore a High priority process because it assumes it was set to High for a reason. Process Lasso always takes the conservative approach when it comes to managing processes.

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