Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CPU Parking Control - No reboot required

As some of you have noticed, I author Windows software that helps achieve a more efficient scheduler by amending it with user insights, and automated proprietary adjustment algorithms like ProBalance. It also allows automation of an assortment of 'actions' on processes and services.

I have been engaged in a MAJOR refactoring of the codebase of Process Lasso v6, adding an assortment of features and functions, some that people have been waiting on for a long time. Although most are still classified, I'm slowly revealing some of the new additions prior to the first public alpha.

One new addition is being offered as a stand-alone utility. It will allow you to enable or disable CPU Parking in real-time without any reboot. This will let you see the effects of CPU Parking o your PC. Now, this is an early alpha prototype, so use with caution, and backup your power settings first (e.g.  powercfg.exe -qh > backup.txt).

For more information, including how to do the same thing using POWERCFG.EXE from the command line, see the page: . This is 100% FREEWARE, and will continue to be maintained and updated. Its primary purpose right now is testing the backing code for use in Process Lasso v6.


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