Thursday, March 22, 2012

Latest Google Chrome Update Fails on Invalid SSL Cert Overrides(?)

I initially posted this when my browser failed to allow me to over-ride invalid (or self-signed) SSL certificates with the latest Chrome update. HOWEVER, I've seen sporadic results. On my laptop, it seems to work fine, but not desktop. So, it could be related to extensions installed (though I have no idea how), or perhaps the way I'm using Chrome on my desktop.

The effect is that you see the normal 'SSL certificate is not valid' type message, but you can click 'Proceed anyway' all day and nothing happens.

If you see this too, let me know... just so we can report to Google, or not. I'll look further into it when I get a chance (I'm kind of busy paying rent and such ;p).

As for the old memory leak I reported, afaik that has not been fixed, though I'll keep an eye on this latest version. You can see that on a previous post. Basically, I leave Google Analytics Real Time Stats open 24/7, and eventually you see a growth in the private working set that makes it clear a slow memory leak exists. I've seen it well over 1GB of private virtual memory on that single Chrome instance. A restart of that instance is the only 'fix'. Remember, Chrome forks its process for every tab, perhaps the only common Windows application known to fork itself.


  1. I had that too yesterday but it seems to have stopped as of today. Maybe Chrome did an update.

  2. Well, it *says* I have the latest version .. The variance I see (not seeing it on my laptop) causes me pause. Perhaps you are simply seeing that same variance in behavior.

  3. i have the same problem