Friday, June 18, 2010

Advanced NTFS Recovery

Advanced NTFS Recovery; I found this to be the most effective NTFS Recovery Software in a quick emergency search of the net. Does anyone have recommendations for other NTFS file recovery software that is updated regularly, or at least fully compatible with the latest version of NTFS, v6?

I ended up having to purchase this software in the emergency, as the trial will not save files (just find them). I found that, like Process Lasso, its user interface was the least snazzy, but it did a superior job in its recovery duties ;). At the time, I felt a bit extorted.. but, hey, it is only fair. The author has invested a lot in his software, just as I have in mine. His software is working, doing me a service, so I will pay him for it.

Still, I kept wondering, the whole time, isn't there something cheaper or free to do this? Surely someone is working on such a project... it *should* be a F/OSS offering. I bet there is one. I bet I take my butt over to Google, quit typing, and I find one ;p.  [UPDATE: A later quick search found nothing usable again, just stuff that isn't of sufficient quality. I did find GetDataBack, which seems slightly cheaper than Advanced NTFS Recovery. However, I have not tested its capabilities.

Regardless, I commend the author of Advanced NTFS Recovery on a good utility. Nice work, and I'm a fan ;).


  1. If Wikipedia is to be believed (and I'm not saying it is), the latest version of NTFS is 3.1. Run:

    fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c:

    Well, that works under XP, anyway.

    I use Piriform Recuva, . It works for me. Whether it works better than this or that, I cannot say. You may find it sucks. I've only used it a couple times, and not for anything too demanding.

  2. I still believe there surely is a F/OSS offering for what shouldn't be excessively difficult. Granted, it isn't as easy as FAT undelete, but ...

    The above command of fsutil does not exist in Vista/7.

    You saying the last NTFS release was 3.1 made me question that, as I thought the last NTFS release was v6. I looked at the wikipedia page and it lists a set of versions that may be internal versions, but I typically hear people refer to the 'external' version (if there are indeed two version type and that article isn't just inaccurate). It lists them after the v3.1 version, in quotations. It is strange. They say 'occasionally "NTFS V6.0"'. I guess we'll go with the internal version though, as it seems more appropriate.