Saturday, November 19, 2016

Worst Updater Ever - Epson (yes, the printers again!)

We've all contended with terrible printer drivers wasting countless hours of technician or personal time, but now we have print systems that generally work.

As many know, other software companies like Google and Bitsum (wide spectrum there!) use a single-click no-hassle updater.

So now we get to the point.

Epson, whose hardware seems good, for whatever reason, displays a huge notice every single time it even *checks* for an update. Granted, it sure asks for permission first, but is highly annoying.

Now, this NOT only on the PC you maybe connected the printer to via USB (it is WiFi), this occurs on *every* device that you connect to the printer, as it is part of the 'printer drivers' that get installed on the client. Am I the only one?

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