Monday, January 7, 2013

The Software Review Business or Pay or Get Bad Reviews?

The Software Review Business
or Pay or Get Bad Reviews?

I received an email (then two more telling me to 'think about it' and 'think more about it') ... What follows is what I believe a pretty clear extortion attempt, only thinly veiled.

Currently i no longer post to GOTD. (Persona non grata) and normally i would not
directly contact a vendor (tho, i'm considering changing this - i may start selling my
opinions/advice...)  but in your case i'm going to make the effort. ((Half for "free" and
the other 'half' will cost you a thousand dollars - but don't fret i don't even have my
PayPal set up yet...))

free half:

After several disappointing things i have removed your product. After several
unacceptable things i have posted this email. The next time you present on GOTD i
will make every effort to dissuade others from installing your product.
(ps btw: these are valid complaints that would warrant attention from a
concerned vendor - need i say less?)

paid half:

(will be sent upon receipt of payment.)

This is my personal interpretation of this email. I do not claim that I am correct in this interpretation. Judge for yourself. Fortunately I'm too broke to be extorted, so the decision is pretty easy. I thank all those who help defend my software against attacks like this. Now we know that software reviews have turned into a business. 

If someone is extorting negative reviews, they are surely selling positive reviews! That makes this the latest online business of manipulation.

I long ago proposed that download sites use more means to verify posters, ala Angie's List. Let's hope they do. I'm all for real reviews, even if they aren't all flattering.

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