Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Increasing PC Performance while Saving Energy through Process Lasso's Energy Saver

What is the Process Lasso Energy Saver?

I love neat little innovations that were left out of Windows, and one such innovation is the ability to simply run in a High Performance power profile, while dropping automatically back down to Balanced or Power Saver when you go Idle, then back up again when you return. It makes perfect sense! That is Process Lasso's Energy Saver.

Why was an Energy Saver like mechanism left out of Windows?

The reason this is not always do-able by default is because *some processes* likely need excluded to attain the maximum performance you want in your highest power profile (named High Performance on English PCs by default).

After installing Process Lasso, simply turn on Energy Saver and you are done! Best of all, Energy Saver is one of the many Process Lasso features available for *free* indefinitely!


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