Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bitsum's RegMerge gets an update

RegMerge was/is a favorite freeware tool of mine. I created it because I saw the damage registry cleaners were doing, and the attempts people were making to later recover or fix their systems. These included importing .REG files they find on the Internet to restore lost file associations or lost component registrations.

The problem is that importing a .REG file was an 'all or nothing' blind operation, until RegMerge. RegMerge helps improve the safety of .REG imports by allowing selective imports of its changes *and* comparing the .REG to your current registry hives. That way you see what it would change, if anything.

An additional use for the tool is to compare the registry hives of one PC to another, or your own registry from a previous point in time. You'd just right-click in RegEdit on a key and select 'Export'. That will export that key and all subkeys to a .REG file.

This utility previously just existed as a stand-alone prototype. In this version, I added an Installer/Uninstaller and Shell File Association with .REG files (restored to RegEdit on uninstall). So, now we're approaching a truly usable utility. I did this because RegMerge finally got some attention, so I needed to 'finish it up'.

There are probably still a couple quirks I need to address here and there, and some improvements to make - but generally all should be good.


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