Friday, October 21, 2011

Adobe Flash exploit lets any website spy on you with your webcam and/or mic

I've always been a bit paranoid about a theoretical exploit like this, so keep my webcam+mic unplugged when not in use. However, the breadth of this exploit is truly appalling. Any web site could potentially exploit this, at least according to the reporting at Betanews, which I have not independently researched, but do believe and trust since the flaw has been confirmed by Adobe!
"Adobe says it is in the process of fixing the issue, and it may not involve a fix to the software since the flaw uses a page on its own website to make the exploit work. It expects to have the issue resolved by the end of the week."
Thanks Adobe.

*UPDATE:* Already fixed. Apparently my source reported on this 3 days after it was publicly reported, and it was since fixed. It had been privately reported to Adobe weeks ago, but since no action was taken, the discoverer release it publicly, which I guess put a fire under someone's butt. I hadn't heard it before, sorry if you did.

See this link for more info.

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