Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OEM crap installed on desktops and laptops

I was just doing a fresh install of Windows 7 on my laptop. Let me say this much: The difference in performance between a fresh Windows install and one loaded down with OEM crap is astounding. These OEMs have really got to cut back on the clutter. I know, they each want to differentiate themselves from the competition. They want their own crazy named power schemes, not the boring default ones. They want special applications to show neato on-screen graphics when you press the mute button. Well, look, get over it - at least start OFFERING a CLEAN install.

BestBuy has noticed this and exploited it long ago, offering to 'clean' brand new PCs. The fact that this is necessary is absolutely absurd.

Come on... the first OEM to quit doing this crap is going to have a major market bump. Consumers are 'wise' to this stuff now.

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