Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bing - It seems to me the SEO guys are conquering it ;o

Despite the commercials, which are ironic since reducing 'search overload' is what Google originally excelled at and differentiated it from the competition, Bing is not quite living up to great standards. At first its search results seemed better than now. I strongly suspect, based on what I've seen, that aggressive SEO campaigns by those unscrupulous enough to use them are affecting the search results. I can see where a company has 'hit' a keyword for SEO on Bing, for instance, where-as Google shows the more true result. Sorry, Bing, though I do like your user interface, something that forced Google to finally give theirs a *little bit* of a flare.

So, Bing needs to refine its anti-SEO techniques, or make its algorithm less predictable. Either way, that's for them to do, but sadly I am not so sure Bing will ever make it too far in the market. I suspect they will eclipse Yahoo though and be a distant 2nd, if they aren't already. Microsoft's Bing Bar and other efforts to draw users into Bing has probably been fairly successful for certain types of users who just use whatever search box is thrown at them. Also, the commercials have been good, if inaccurate in implying Bing is superior to Google on search results, in my opinion. Google has been at this a while, after all ;). So has Microsoft, but search is Google's primary mission in life where-as Microsoft has many divested interests. I just don't see Microsoft winning, despite the great accomplishments they have made with Bing...

This post is opinion, of course, as are all posts on this blog.

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