Monday, February 21, 2011

The two paths

I have my DVR set to record a few TV shows (yea, yea, gotta fry my brain every once and a while). A local program called Anything Is Possible highlights the story of successful people and how they got there. Success measured not only by material wealth, though usually that comes along with it. I also record 'American Greed', which highlights the downfall of the greedy.

Now, here is the difference between those who are successful, and those who are greedy: Honesty and Integrity. No matter what it is you do, you can and will be successful if you are honest in your undertakings. As soon as you let your ego inflate, and you think of yourself as better than others, you turn to the 'dark side'. This is the fork in the road you must choose.

Sadly, most business schools teach all about money it seems. Generation of it. Preservation of it. Maximization of capital (including human capital). They don't teach about just 'doing it good, and doing it right'. Further, the dreams of many people are to suddenly strike it rich. There is no incremental building, and they'll take any shortcut. It seems in *every* case a  person takes such a shortcut to wealth, they end up dead, in jail, or later broke. You must build your own TRUE value in order to succeed at obtaining wealth. Of course, as stated, that is far from the only measure of success. Sustained success requires sustained incremental building of value. There will be stumbling blocks, but if you love what you do, you'll get up and keep working. That's the beauty of doing what you love to do. Every profession has its stress, and there will always be chores you have to do that you'd rather not, but doing what you love to do is the path to success. Finding some way to cheat your way into wealth is the path to doom.

Just my two cents, from a person who certainly isn't in a position to know ;)

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