Sunday, November 21, 2010

Android Froyo 2.2 on Samsung Captivate

I waited a good while for AT&T to release an Android 2.2 update, but then got inpatient. I used the publicly available Froyo 2.2 firmware from the guys at XDA.

I can say these things:
  1. No problems
  2. No rooting of your device is needed
  3. Very easy (couldn't be easier)
  4. Well worth the upgrade, 2.2. offers LOTS of compelling improvements
So, there's my opinion -- for what it is worth. I've used this firmware for a couple weeks now, so know it well. I've had no problems. I was having a 'phone power off randomly while idle' problem, but traced it to my Google Reader Android client (I think). This problem persisted before the upgrade anyway, so is nothing new. It certainly happens less frequently now that I killed the Google Reader client, if not fixed completely.

This has been a wonderful phone. Going from a Blackberry Storm 1, I can tell you I was awestruck when I encountered this device. This is what I expected the Storm to be. It is funny looking at my old Storm, as it seems like such a large brick now, but seemed so slim just a couple years ago, lol.

The ONE thing I do miss is a camera flash. It seems many AT&T phones lack this, for whatever reason. Samsung has built models of this phone with the flash, so what's the deal? I dunno, but otherwise all is good.

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